Company profile

Miralex Fruit SA, a company specializing in the collection, production and marketing of frozen fruit frozen.

Our activity:

1992 Launch of activity of frozen fruit.

With capital of EUR 2,000,000 owned by the family ALEKSANDRIC, located at 32103 Cacak Serbia, Bulevar Oslobodilaca 84A.

Our specialty:

-The supply of raw materials for food industries, packed in bags of 10 kg, 14 kg and 20 kg and others according to customer requirements.

-The supermarket: packaged in plastic bags of 1 kg or 2.5 kg and 450 g box tailored to the market with the label and others according to customer requirements.


Fruit-frozen ball

Frozen-fruit into pieces

Our Infrastructure:

The fridge has a total capacity of 100 t freezing day with three static tunnels for freezing at -35 ° C.

-5500 M3 negative cold storage warehouses located in Cacak, Serbia foncionnent at a temperature of -22 ° C, equipped by the modern mobile system STORAX régaux 1000 pallets containing over five floors with the computer system that controls the freezing of Danfoss ADAP-KOOL.

-500 M2 air-conditioned fitness studio equipped with new technology

-2000 Tonnes of production per year

Different refrigeration systems imported from France, Germany and Italy.

L `enterprise Miralex Fruit SA employs about 25 workers at the plant, and in the fridge for sale.

During planting to open, under the supervision of intensive agronomic refaçons, packaging (metal detector) and the final control on the part of our laboratories neutral, we monitor the efficiency with quality control in each stage of production .

Microbiological analyzes are made perpétueles, analysis of pesticides and heavy metals. Fruits of sound and fair marketable according to CEE.

Since 05.08.2005, the SA Fruit Miralex is ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP by TUV Management Service GmbH / Germany, for purchasing, processing and sale of fruit.

Miralex S.A. Fruits for export:

We freezing fruit, we classify them and thanks to its high quality, great taste, the smell, color and brixe we export throughout the year around the world


We are a family group that wants to be and is active in the production and sale of fruit surgées in Europe.

We want to create value in a perspective of continuity. We focus on this well-defined activities in which we can aim for a deal or leader, and in which we can grow in a sustainable and profitable.

Our priority is to continue their dynamic development based on innovation, quality and operational excellence. Based on our knowledge and our current strengths, we also want to develop new activities.


We want to meet the needs and expectations of our customers by offering frozen fruit innovative, safe and high quality.

With our range of frozen fruit, we turn first to the professionals who attach great importance to the quality, variety and ease of use.

We want to accomplish this mission in the respect of society and the environment and in the belief that personal development of our employees must go hand in hand with the development of our group.


We draw the following values: creativity and ambition, commitment and accountability for results, integrity and trust.

Contact Info:


Fruits Miralex GmbH


Chairman and CEO

Tel / Mobile: +381.

Tel / Mobile: +

E-mail: m.alexandric @

Skype: miralex3085

Pestalozzistrasse 3

8010 Graz – AUSTRIA

N.A.F.: FN 264151 h

VAT No.: ATU 61812122

Siret: 68-245/3717-26

Phone: +

Fax: +

Bank details:

Raiffeisenbank-Straβgang Graz (Austria)

BLZ: 38439

Konto-Nr.: 226373

IBAN: AT553843900000226373

Our production / Warehouse / Place of loading:

Our production site located in Cacak 140 km south of the Serbian capital Belgrade, in the heart of the production of raspberry plum, blackberry …..

Fruits Miralex S.A.S.

84A Bulevar Oslobodilaca

32103 Cacak – SERBIA

VAT no: SR101293851

N.A.F. :1-7841-00

Phone: +381 (0) 32.535.01.75

Fax: +381 (0) 32.535.01.65



Sales Manager:

Ivan Aleksandric

Tel / Mobile: +381 (0)

Phone: +381 (0) 32.535.01.66

Fax: +381 (0) 32.535.01.65


Management Accountant:


Tel / Mobile: +381.

E-mail: Quality Manager:

Jelena ANDRIC: Graduate engineer food technologie

Technical Director and Production Manager

Tel / Mobile: +381.64.403.42.20


Logistics service:


Tel / Mobile: +381.