We are now oriented in a contract extension.

Our member manufacturers have a high level of quality that those of us from planting to harvest can be controlled and monitored. The area located within 50 km.

The production process

The fruit is hand picked flash frozen in special containers free rolling, reading, testing and complete breaking is done in temperate zones.

The plant is followed by a metal detector

  •      acceptance of raw materials
  •      control laboratory
  •      frozen
  •      storage
  •      sort
  •      packing
  •      check metal
  •      storage
  •      loading

The analysis

During planting to open, under the supervision of intensive agronomic refaçons, packaging (metal detector) and the final control on the part of our laboratories neutral, we monitor the efficiency with quality control in each stage of production .

We make perpétueles microbiological, pesticide residues and heavy metals annually and upon request by an appropriate laboratory.

There are all analytical methods recognized nationally for food contact.

Fruits of sound and fair marketable according to CEE.


Deliveries are made with our truck, and with a expéditiondans throughout the EU.

The certificate:

Since 05.08.2005, our company is certified for the system of quality management

ISO 9001:2000 (2008) and HACCP standards by TUV Management Service GmbH / Germany for purchasing, processing and sale of fruit.

  Here you can download our certificate